Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mytourmate's Tour guide App Will be Launched soon

Our new Tour Guide App Mytourmate, will be launching soon, it will forever change the way you travel.

After traveling with Mytourmate, you will never travel without it.

Whether you are traveling domestically or abroad traveling in an familiar places poses challenges. Knowing what attractions you should visit, finding the way to get there and knowing what to eat while you are there is not always easy.

There are several ways that help tourists with these tasks, one option is to rent a private guide, however for most people this will be too expensive. Another option is a group guided tour, this option is less costly however you are always dependent on the entire group and you do not have the freedom to do what you want when you want it. The 3rd option is to walk around with clumsy maps and guide books. Guide books get out dated and maps are confusing for the average tourist.

But now there is a better way – The Maytourmate app for Smartphones (currently Iphones and Ipads, Android versions will also be available soon).

Mytourmate’s app combines all of the advantages of the above methods with none of the disadvantages. The app acts as your own privet tour guide, with voice guided tours in the language of your choice (all done by professional tour guides). The app will offer you several guided routes in each location along with an on screen map to help you navigate and audio instructions from the tour guides on how to get from one tourist attraction to the other.

Mytourmate also includes tips for shopping, dining and transportation.

Make sure to follow Mytourmate’s website, Facebook, Blog and Twitter for the release announcement and other information.

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